The Bliss of the White Mountains

July 10th, 2011

Bali Villas located at Seseh Village Bali is the perfect place for a honeymoon. Set in between the Indian Ocean and Mt. Agung, the spacious villas is surrounded with panoramic views of green rice fields, emerald rivers and an ocean view. Seseh Village Bali is secure, peaceful and idyllic. It has been one of India’s untouched tourist destinations catering to the most exclusive of clients from all over the world.
Time seems to slow down staying in the villas without compromising high modern amenities. No less than a Bentley picks up honeymooners in the airport.Want more? Click here/tag A helicopter access is also available. Sumptuous cuisine is served at an international restaurant. There’s also a country club that serves special requests from the clients. All villas are equipped with wifi so honeymooners need not worry for emergency emails or late online wedding wishers that may arise.
Honeymooners are pampered in the luxury of spacious bedrooms, health spas and a fully equipped gym to help keep one fit specially on vacations. The spas are complete and all the spa attendants are ready to administer the type of massage one requires.
It’s so hard to get bored honeymooning in Bali Villas. After a good rest and lazying inside the comfortable private grounds of one’s own villa with pool, couples can try out a little riding the waves at some of the best surfing beaches in Bali or try out their golf swings at a nearby Nirwana Bali golf course. There are other watersport available for less adventurous couples like beach ball games.
Entertainment is at a high watching Balinese dancers right inside one’s villa. Honeymooners can even try these traditional dancing styles for a good measure. The club bar is always oozing with favorite drinks while being serenaded by traditional singers.
While there are a lot of places in the world to choose from in terms of where to spend a memorable honeymoon, it is believed that starting a union needs that special place to start special lasting moments. Staying at these luxurious villas definitely guarantees beautiful memories for happy honeymooners.

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