Historic Attractions of the White Mountains

November 18th, 2011

When visiting New Hampshire, one must take time to visit the White Mountains. This area has a deep historical background. Many famous poets have lived in this area. You can visit the historical sites of the early generations, who lived solely off the land. Some attractions in the area include a 1930′s streamline train and a re-creation of a 1900′s logging camp.

This area is absolutely spectacular. With the many parks and waterfalls, it is a place to view nature at its best. There are several covered bridges in the area. These bridges are old fashioned and historical to the area. Often referred to as courting bridges, these tunnel style water-passes were often used as a hide out for kissing and watching the water below. Often due to extreme snowfall, the water can become intense in certain months, when the snow begins to melt. Believe it or not the first bridges were actually toll bridges.

The area boasts over 100 waterfalls. The White Mountains as they are called have picturesque scenery that is captivating. The Avalanche Falls, Liberty Gorge Cascade is well worth the climb to see it. Situated 45 ft high this stunning waterfall is breathtaking. Also in the area The Basin, Cascades, Kinsman Falls and the Beaver Brook Falls are great locations for a day outside.

The State Parks in the White Mountains is one of the most beautiful sites in the North East. One can mountain bike, swim, picnic and learn the rich history of the area. The White Mountains are the perfect place for a peaceful family vacation. Relax, enjoy nature and take time off from work and life, to enjoy family time. The pace is a little slower here, people a little more friendly. Everyone is enjoying the fresh mountain air and the beautiful scenery.

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