Swimming through the Scenery In Amazement

November 26th, 2011

New Hampshire is a peaceful state, where many go to relax. A vacation here can be perfect and a great way to commune with nature. The White Mountains, are a picturesque location, which has a little bit of something for everyone. Mount Washington, is part of the White Mountains and the tallest mountain in the Northeaster US at 6,288 feet.

Four-thousand footers, is a group of 48 peaks that are over 40 feet. Hiking and mountain biking are top activities here. The Appalachian Mountain Club, is a group of hikers who routinely hike together. The Old Man of the Mountain, is a popular destination, which tourists like to visit. It is a rock formation, which resembles a mans face. “The Basin”,also known as a large granite bowl also inspires tourists. It has a beautiful waterfall which dumps into the Pemigewasset River.

Even stars and famous writers have been drawn to the mountains. Perhaps this is why Nathaniel Hawthorne used these mountains, as the backdrop for his novel, “The Great Carbuncle”. There are plenty of different styles of lodging in this area, including cabins in the woods. When looking for a great place to spend your next vacation, bring the family to a place where the peace and quiet, can refresh and relax.

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