Artistic Foliage within the White Mountains

November 24th, 2011

People looking for a glimpse of nature at its best will not be disappointed when they visit New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains. Conveniently located near Boston and New York City, these rugged mountains that form part of the Appalachian range are considered some of the region’s finest for hiking as they include a series of alpine huts which are available to hikers. Historically, these mountains have been a major draw for artists to paint and draw the inspiring scenery.

Main attractions are Flume gorge and a granite bowl 20 feet in diameter nicknamed ‘the basin’ which is waterfall fed and thus beautifully smooth. Swimming is also popular in the area’s mountain spring ice cold water. Prior to 2003, a formation called the Old Man of the Mountain which when seen from a particular angle was likened to the lines of a wizened man’s face stood here. Unfortunately it collapsed and is now unrecognizable but an ‘Old Man of the Mountain’ museum now stands in its place.

Visitors can enjoy the area’s views via the spectacular aerial tramways and cable cars that whisk you up to the summit for a vista beyond compare. On a clear day Maine and even Canada can be seen from this vantage point. There also a number of scenic railways to experience the landscape from.

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