Vast Mountains, Blue Skies and Rivers

July 19th, 2011

New Hampshire is a beautiful state brimming over with breathtaking scenery. The White Mountains are one of New Hampshire’s most exquisite attractions. They cover a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and are home to the highest peak in the Northeast, Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington sits in the sky at an altitude of 6,288 feet. It is also home to a line of summtis called the Presidential Range. The White Mountains offer up lots to do for a vacationing family. You can go on a relaxing stroll or engage in a rugged mountain hike or bike ride.

A popular recreational river in New Hampshire is the Saco River. The Saco attracts 3,000 to 7,000 people on summer weekends. The Saco is loved by recreationalists and is a favorite of avid canoers. One area called Walker’s Rip is an area of voracious rapids that have caused even the most seasoned canoers to capsize. Rest assured the Saco River and the White Mountains offer something to please and interest everyone in the family.

Whether it be glimmering blue skies, gorgeous mountain scenery or rugged rivers, New Hampshire is a lovely place to visit and has picturesque places to see and enjoy.

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